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Progression of IRS letters

Understanding this progression of letters will help you understand what is going on with the IRS and what to expect so that you can have peace of mind. The bold pat of the text below is what appears at the top center of the IRS letter in bold and bigger text, or is within the body of the letter, or what it is commonly called by the IRS. The number in the parenthesis is the number of the IRS from.

    • Request for Tax Return (CP515, CP59) Minimum of 1-1½years after the IRS believes a tax return is due.

    Click Here To Download CP515          Click Here To Download CP59

    • Your Tax Return is Overdue, Please Contact Us Immediately (CP518, Letter 2050) 30+ Days after the CP-515 letter is sent.

    Click Here To Download CP518-OLD          Click Here To Download CP518          Click Here To Download Letter 2050

    • IRS Summons (Form 2039)– Either 1st Party or 3rd Party (Certified) 30+ Days after CP-518 is sent.

    Click Here To Download Form 2039

    • 30 Day Letter (Letter 1862) 30+ Days after CP-518 is sent.

    Click Here To Download Letter 1862

    • Notice of Deficiency (CP3219 or LT3219) (Certified) 45+ Days after PIITA or 30 day letter (or 90 day letter).

    Click Here To Download Letter 3219

    • We Changed Your Account (CP11, CP22) 135 Days or more after the Notice of Deficiency.

    Click Here To Download CP11

    • Reminder Letter (CP71) 20+ Days after the We Changed your account letter (This letter is NOT always sent).

    Click Here To Download CP71

    • Important Letter or Second Reminder Letter (CP503) 20+ days after the Reminder letter (This letter is NOT always sent).

    Click Here To Download CP503

    • Urgent Letter or Notice of Intent to Levy (CP504) (Certified) PICK UP this letter. 20+ Days after the Important Letter.

    Click Here To Download CP504

    • Final Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to a Hearing (CP90, Letter 1058, LT11) (Certified) (Levy Hearing Notice) PICK UP this letter from the Post Office. 30+ Days after the Urgent Letter.

    Click Here To Download Letter 1058          Click Here To Download LT-11

    • Notice of Federal Tax Lien and Notice to Your Right to a Hearing (Letter3172) (Certified) (Lien Hearing Notice) PICK UP this letter from the Post Office. 20+ Days after the Urgent Letter.
    • Request for a Collection Due Process Hearing (CDPH) (Form 12153). After going through a series of response and letter writing, the IRS issues one of the following:

    Click Here To Download Form 12153

    • Notice of Determination Concerning Collection Action(s) under Section 6320 and/or 6330(Letter 3193) You have 30 days from the date of the letter to Petition the Tax Court. Or Decision Letter Concerning Equivalent Hearing under Section 6320 and/or 6330 of the Internal Revenue Code (Letter 3210) You have 30 days from the date of the letter to Petition the Tax Court.

    Click Here To Download Letter 3196

You have 30 Days for the date of the Hearing Opportunity letter to Ask For A Collection Due Process Hearing after either the Levy Hearing Notice or the Lien Hearing Notice.

After you request A CDP Hearing, It may take Up To 4 to 5 Years to finish the CDP Hearing and it’s possible appeals to the Tax Court And The Federal Court Of Appeal. While you are in the CDP Hearing, the IRS cannot take or even attempt to take your paycheck, bank account, any third party payment to you, your car, your home or any of your assets. So be sure to ask for your hearing within 30 days.

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