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  • $300,000 Income Tax Reward

    Show us the law that never was, and earn $300,000... take our challenge... What do you think?

  • Royal Freedom Package

    Don't let the IRS beat you...know your rights, understand your freedoms, but let us take care of the IRS... join our Royal Freedom Package.

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    Don't miss the Freedom Event of the year... the best Freedom Speakers from around the Country in one place, for one weekend... Don't let the biased major media tell you how to think. Come listen, come learn, and start to live free now.

  • No law require income tax

    There is no law that requires the average American to file and pay an income tax... but the IRS still refuses to answer our questions regarding the legality... why? Find out more...

Eye Opening Videos:

IRS Agent Exposes IRS Fraud! Illegality of the Income Tax Exposed! Freedom Opportunity Plan What Really Happened on 9/11? Ted Gunderson Super rich are in a conspiracy to rule the world


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Class on the Constitution, Your Rights, Freedom, Law and the Inc

  • What is the purpose of the U.S. Constitution?
  • What does the U.S. Constitution say about taxes?
  • What Ex-IRS Agents are saying about IRS lies and fraud...
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Court Procedures Seminar

Created by Free Enterprise Society. 2 audiotapes and 1 booklet. Excellent! 
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Income Tax Basics

Created by Free Enterprise Society. 2 audio CDs and 1 booklet; a great explanation of income tax fraud. 
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Investigating the Federal Income Tax

Joe Banister is believed to be the first Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division (IRS/CID) Special Agent ever to discover alleged wrong-doing in the administration of the federal income tax and then confront top officials in the IRS... 
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No Checks

Created by Dr. Robert Clarkson. The only book on getting yourself out of the banking system. 
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Social Security Swindle

Nobody says it like Irwin Schiff! In this terrific work, Irwin gives you a comprehensive study of the socialistic pyramid scam that has crippled our nation. It's an entertaining and educational tool that offers a way to Drop Out. 
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Tax Fraud & Evasion: The War Stories


JUST HOW FAR CAN YOU PUSH IRS... and not be prosecuted? What are “the limits of the tax laws?” What must IRS prove? The answers are in the criminal tax cases that are won! From the courtroom battleground, here is the “flesh & blood” of human... 
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The Biggest Con

Irwin Schiff’s first book, published in April, 1976, yet everyone agrees that this book is more contemporary today than ever. With irrefutable evidence and driving logic, Mr. Schiff shows how, when and why the Federal government: causes inflation... 
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The Coming Battle

The lost 1899 recount of enslavement and robbing of America by Banksters. 
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The Creature from Jekyll Island

Where does money come from? Where does it go? Who makes it? The money magicians' secrets are unveiled. We get a close look at their mirrors and smoke machines, their pulleys, cogs, and wheels that create the grand illusion called money... 
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The Great Income Tax Hoax

In this writing, Irwin Schiff conclusively exposes the "Great Income Tax Hoax" for the reader. A clear and precise explanation with the evidence to back it up. This book is a brave and honest piece of work that will increase the student’s... 
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The Kingdom of Moltz

When it comes to money and inflation, no one explains it quite as clearly as Irwin Schiff. Irwin is right here, right now as he depicts the how many people are fooled by political rhetoric and bamboozled into believing that the dollar has worth and... 
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The Law that Never Was, Volume 1

Written by Bill Benson and Red Beckman. The book exposes the non-ratification of the 16th Amendment. 
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The Power to Destroy

When Senator William V. Roth Jr., the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, initiated an oversight investigation of the Internal Revenue Service in 1996, it was the first time in two generations that the agency had been subject to serious review... 
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Using the law library

Created by HALT. Learn how to verify the truth and find the text of any law for yourself. 
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Whatever Happened to Justice?

"Maybury challenges the reader to explore the inextricable connections between law and economics, and between economic and political liberty. I can think of no more important subject, and I highly recommend this lucid and thoughtful volume." --William E.  
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