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  • $300,000 Income Tax Reward

    Show us the law that never was, and earn $300,000... take our challenge... What do you think?

  • Royal Freedom Package

    Don't let the IRS beat you...know your rights, understand your freedoms, but let us take care of the IRS... join our Royal Freedom Package.

  • Freedom Conference

    Don't miss the Freedom Event of the year... the best Freedom Speakers from around the Country in one place, for one weekend... Don't let the biased major media tell you how to think. Come listen, come learn, and start to live free now.

  • No law require income tax

    There is no law that requires the average American to file and pay an income tax... but the IRS still refuses to answer our questions regarding the legality... why? Find out more...

Eye Opening Videos:

IRS Agent Exposes IRS Fraud! Illegality of the Income Tax Exposed! Freedom Opportunity Plan What Really Happened on 9/11? Ted Gunderson Super rich are in a conspiracy to rule the world


Tax Defense Funds

Your protection against IRS tyranny and abuse!

The ONLY Tax Defense Fund that:

1. INCLUDES educational material of We the People Foundation and our student, former Gun Carrying IRS CID Special Agent, Joseph Banister.

2. Includes an EXTENSIVE EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM that explains your rights, the law, and the proper procedures that you need to apply in order to stand against government and IRS tyranny.

3. Includes Redress of Grievance educational defense package.

4. Includes access to many of the greatest legal minds in the Freedom Movement, usually at no additional cost.

5. Assists in contacting your “lawmakers” to uphold their oath to “protect and defend the U.S. CONSTITUTION from all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

6. Provides UNLIMITED CONSULTATION in person or on the phone.

7. Will REPRESENT YOU in IRS and State Tax Agency situations.

8. Provides a choice of a Legal Defense Fund or a Tax Defense Fund, depending on how much work you want to do with guidance versus having Freedom Law School doing all the work for you.

9. Providing peace of mind by giving the proper balance of education, support, and representation to live free of IRS abuse and tyranny, while we restore our rights and freedoms that Government has taken away.

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President - Freedom Law School
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