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    There is no law that requires the average American to file and pay an income tax... but the IRS still refuses to answer our questions regarding the legality... why? Find out more...

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IRS Agent Exposes IRS Fraud! Illegality of the Income Tax Exposed! Freedom Opportunity Plan What Really Happened on 9/11? Ted Gunderson Super rich are in a conspiracy to rule the world


Freedom Law School beats IRS for attempting to steal home

Case #1 - Dave Wellington, another one our DREAM TEAM members, who has also taught 2 classes with us as well, helped Kirk Bowring get his house back, after the IRS illegally  seized and sold it to some one else. Now, Kirk lives in his house, free of mortgage payments, since the “buyer” had paid off his loan with his new secured bank loan. Note that the Court ordered the County’s Recorders Office to the phony IRS Deed that the IRS had issued for Kirk’s house from it’s records. See the Court’s Judgment.

Case #2 - Freedom Law School helped George to stop the IRS from stealing the house that he lived in. Prior to coming to Freedom Law School, the IRS had charged George with bogus criminal tax charges, convicted and jailed him. He tells us that his lawyers who were paid $15,000 were worthless. George’s victory cost him not more that $1,000 with Freedom Law School. See George’s letter to Freedom Law School begging for help. IRS’ withdrawal from attempting to take George’s home with our help.

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