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Freedom Law School beats California's Franchise Tax Board for trying to illegally take money

Case #1 - If you look at this page, you will see a copy of the $337,122.53 check that the FTB issued to Paul Ballmer (one of our DREAM TEAM members), for violating his rights. Click here to see the Court’s abandonment of their appeal. See a copy of the refund check that was sent to Paul Ballmer from the FTB.

For More documentation of this victory, you may review the course that Paul Ballmer and Peymon produced called “Sue and Win Cash from the FTB”.  

Case #2 - The FTB decided to take Jim’s money out of hid bank account, even though he requested a hearing to challenge the FTB’s tax proposal from several years ago. With Peymon’s intervention, the FTB was forced to cut a check and give back the money that they had illegally taken from Jim. Click here to see a copy of the FTB’s illegal levy. See a copy of the letter from Jim’s bank stating that they would turn over Jim’s money to the FTB. Here is a copy of the FTB’s letter to Jim stating that they had made a mistake and that his money would be refunded. Click here to see a copy of the refund check that was sent to Jim form the FTB. 



Case #3 - Based on the initial information and asessed taxes from the IRS, the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) assessed Leon with over $1.3 million in California State taxes for 1996 and 1997 (click here to see the FTB Assessment). The FTB based all of their information from the IRS' arbitrary numbers for the same years. With the help of Freedom Law School, Leon challnged the assesed taxes by the FTB. Since Leon had previously beaten the IRS in Tax Court (click here to see IRS Tax Court Victory), the FTB was forced to follow suit. For 1996 and 1997 the FTB reduced the amount owed to $0.00! (click here to see the Notices of Determination from the FTB). Leon saved $1.3 million with the help of Freedom Law School.


Case #4 - Mr. Jin was assessed taxes for the tax year 2007 from the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) for over $4,000. These taxes were assessed based off of an estimated interest from mortgage payments for around $68,000 (click here to see the Notice of Propsed Assessment).The FTB regularly uses mortgage or business license information when trying to assess tax. In this instance, this was the only information the FTB had to utilize in the assessment of taxes on Mr. Jin. With the help of Freedom Law School, Mr. Jin challenged the Notice of Proposed Assessment and the issue was taken in front of the California Board of Equalization (BOE). With the help of Freedom Law School, the FTB Attorney dismissed the Notice of Proposed Assessment during the BOE hearing process, and the attorney concluded that Mr. Jin no longer had an outstanding balance for the tax year 2007 to the State of California (click here to see the decision).  

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