11 Freedom Courses

To assist you in living free NOW!

Below you will find a brief listing of the 11 courses that we have available. These courses are designed to teach you fundamental law and legal procedure so you can live your life free of oppression and tyranny. Whether you want to help yourself to live free or you want to work better with your attorney or paralegal, you will find our self-help courses easy to understand yet detailed enough to give you real solutions. We have even had a former IRS Chief Counsel attorney (IRS headquarter lawyer) use our courses!

The LEVEL 1 Course is the foundation of all of our Courses and Freedom Packages. If you get nothing else from us, be sure to get the LEVEL 1 Course. Any Course that you purchase with the LEVEL 1 Course comes with a 90-day, 100% UNCONDITIONAL money back guarantee. The first price listed next to the course description is for the course by itself (without purchasing Level 1 course with it). The second price is the price when the course is purchased with the LEVEL 1 Course.

We have several Freedom Packages that consist of a combination of the courses below to help you obtain the Freedom and Justice you are seeking and save you more money. For a more detailed description of our courses and information on our combination course packages, please visit this page

1. A Practical Road to Freedom from oppressive taxation and control LEVEL 1 is our first course, as well as a requisite to get the most out of our other courses and a required part of ALL of our packages. This course is a must-have course for every American Citizen over 17 years old. $300

2. A practical road to freedom from oppressive taxation and control – Level 2 is our advanced course. This course is a must-have course for those who wish to know the necessary tools of law and legal procedures in order to obtain a solid grip on how to live free of government oppression. $350, w/ Level 1 $300

3. Beat the IRS in Tax Court! This course shows you how to beat the IRS step-by-step in their own Tax Court. This is the only course of its kind in the Freedom Law Movement. $200, w/ Level 1 $170

4. Beat State Income Tax Agencies now! Let us show you how to defeat the corrupt and arbitrary California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) consistently; includes actual examples. $200, w/ Level 1 $170

5. Beat the IRS using the IRS attack handbook! Having and knowing how to use this internal secret manual of the IRS can give you the upper hand in beating the IRS. $160, w/ Level 1 $130

6. Beat the IRS at their own game now! With Bill Conklin and Peymon. A conservative approach to beating the IRS for the more cautious Freedom Seekers. $270, w/ Level 1 $230

7. Beat the IRS Now!! With Dave Wellington & Peymon. A technical and detailed course on winning over the IRS, with detailed winning examples. $290, w/ Level 1 $250

8. Get your SSN off Government Computers! In this course we will show you how to regain your privacy by removing your Slave Surveillance Number (SSN) off of Government computers. $200, w/ Level 1 $170

9. Beat All Traffic Tickets Now!!! Exposes the ropes of the Traffic Court racket & how to beat them, even if you are “guilty!” With this course you are going to want to go to court. $200, w/ Level 1 $170

10 . Sue and jail criminal government agents This is the only course on this subject in the freedom movement, with actual examples designed for you to go after them for a change!!! $340, w/ Level 1 $300

11 . How to sue and win cash from the FTB won $337,000+ from the California Franchise Tax Board and you may be able to do the same if you are prepared. $350, w/ Level 1 $300

To receive the course you want, fill out the order form with the course price plus 10% shipping, CASH! NO CHECKS (preferably by certified mail).

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