A Practical Road to Freedom from oppressive taxation and control – Level 1

A Course in Law and Procedures Level 1
A course of action for those who are committed to living a free life!!!


Subject Matter Covered

1ST Class


Introduction to law, freedom and government: Discover where law, your rights, where government came from & evolved. Why Natural & Common Law will always be supreme against legislature’s attempts to deny your rights.

2nd Class


Introduction to types of courts & the hated income tax: Government and court structure in America at all levels, & what jurisdiction each of them exercise. What the income tax is really all about. Separating fact from fiction. (distinguish law from “patriot beliefs”).

3rd Class


Introduction to the law library: Learn what exactly a law book & the law library are. What is a court cite. Learn how to find any law book or court case you are looking for.

4th Class


How to use a law library: A hands on class at the law library. Learn how to find what you are looking for in a law library. This class includes a tour of the law library. Now you can verify the correctness of any court cite given to you.

5th Class


Effective responses to harassing letters of Gov’t: IRS, FTB, etc. How to lay a strong winning foundation when first contacted by Gov’t agencies & win by taking the right steps!!.

6th Class


How to read & write effective court documents: What are the key elements of a proper legal brief? Recognize proper briefs from poor ones. How to win traffic tickets.

7th Class


Basic trial procedures: Learn the step-by-step procedures of court. How to ask questions & put the burden of proof back on the Government. Learn to use reason & logic in law with the correct procedures. This is a very important area of which most “patriots” lack knowledge.

8th Class


Mock court: Practice with your teachers and friends what you have learned so far before you ever end up in court. Learn how to handle yourself in a court of law. How does the judge think as opposed to a typical patriot? Reality vs. Wishful Thinking is emphasized.

9th Class


Techniques & strategies for Free living: Learn about private banking, working for others without withholding of taxes, living & working without a slave tracking (Social Security #), right to travel, trusts, & how to regain privacy. Introduction to other freedom sources & more.


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To start living a FREE LIFE:

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