A practical road to freedom from oppressive taxation and control – Level 2

1st Class 3 hours
How to read a court case, code, regulation, or statute without misinterpreting it. Learn how to differentiate holding vs. dicta of the court. Now reading a law book can be fun and empowering!

2nd Class 3 hours
How to research at the law library. Learn how to find statutes, codes, and court cases in the law library. How to find something when you have no citation to start with. Learn the empowering skills of legal research.

3rd Class 3 hours
How to write a Writ of Mandamus, Prohibition, or Habeas Corpus. These are extraordinary remedies you need to use to win your case or regain your (or a friend’s) freedom.

4th Class 3 hours
Introduction to writing appeals. Structure your appeal for a successful result. Includes an actual step by step appeal of Peymon which he won! (class 3 has actual cases that won too!)

5th Class 3 hours
How to initiate a lawsuit. Learn how to write a complaint. Emphasis on Title 42 suits and civil suits against abusive government agents. Includes an actual civil rights complaint (Paula Jones vs Slick Willie Clinton). Write a suit.

6th Class 3 hours
More court procedures. Learn what objections and motion in limine are and how to use and defend against them in court or with the bureau[c]rats. Turn in your suit for feedback.

7th Class 3 hours
Analysis of a Court case. Walk in the shoes of Peymon as he takes you step by step through several court cases and asks you what you would have done. Hone your in court skills.

8th Class 3 hours
How to use the Freedom Of Information Act (F.O.I.A.), a most powerful & under-utilized tool, to obtain files which govt. agencies have on you so you may use them in your favor. How to utilize Bankruptcy to discharge taxes & debts that you are unable to pay & more…

9th Class 3 hours
How to win in Tax Court & other administrative proceedings. Learn how to confront & win over the bureau[c]rats with proper use of the rules of law, evidence, & procedure. Have fun winning over the bureau[c]rats who, from now on, won’t ever be able to intimidate you! Level 2 classes are available only to F.L.S. Level 1 students or graduates.

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