Best Freedom/Constitutional Lawyers in America

Unfortunately, there are very few lawyer/attorneys (we are referring to members of the BAR, since the judges do not allow non-BAR member lawyers to represent people in court) in America who AT THE SAME TIME are 1) Honest, 2) Competent 3) Freedom and Justice oriented instead of only money motivated and 4) are willing to take on controversial freedom/justice oriented causes and risk their careers due to the revenge that a judge or the BAR (the monopoly union of the attorneys) might inflict on them. We have heard of countless cases of attorneys who were thieves, incompetent or selfish lawyers ripping off their clients or selling their clients’ interests down the drain. Especially when the other side was a powerful government agency, such as the IRS.

The task is even more difficult when you need help with the IRS, since the IRS may target the attorney’s tax returns (most of them file) and harass him to death or worse yet, come after him criminally. Moreover, these attorneys are scattered all over these Unites States of America. Often the right attorney for you is on the other side of the continent, which significantly adds to your costs, should you choose to hire him, or you might have to take your chances on another less competent attorney.

For all the above reasons and more, we are providing this FREE service of Freedom Law School for the benefit of the American people. The listing below is by nature a partial directory. There are countless honest, competent and freedom/justice driven attorneys in America that we have yet to come across to list in this directory.

The following list is of those lawyers that we at Freedom Law School have come across since 1992 when Peymon Mottahedeh, our President got involved in the Freedom Law Movement. The lawyers below meet ALL of the above qualifications. Peymon, President of Freedom Law School has met almost all of the attorneys who were listed in this directory as of October of 2002. If you know a lawyer that meets the above qualifications, please put him in touch with us so that we may consider him or her for addition to this directory.

Of course, you ALWAYS need to do your own homework and interview any attorney before you retain his or her services to make sure that the attorney is the best one to represent you (competent, available, geographically local and affordable) to represent you. We highly recommend that when you get an attorney to represent you, that you stay involved in your case and do not abandon the ultimate responsibility of maintaining or regaining your rights to the attorney.

We recommend that you become knowledgeable about your rights, the law, legal procedures so that you can 1) check to make sure that your attorney is truly competent in his area of expertise and 2) you can be your attorney’s partner in maintaining or regaining your rights. If you are willing to do some of the legal research that needs to be done to prepare your case and write some of the simpler letters or legal papers that need to be written, you can have your attorney review and improve on your work to make sure that it is the best that it needs to be to protect your rights and at the same time save you money. This way you will know for sure that your case is properly followed up on.

This is one of the reasons why ALL of our FREEDOM PACKAGES include our first course, A PRACTICAL ROAD TO FREEDOM FROM OPPRESSIVE TAXATION AND CONTROL, LEVEL 1 as the FOUNDATION of their educational material. Knowledge is potential power. Without it, you are left powerless. We hope that you take a little time out of your everyday driving or subway/bus riding schedule and listen to CD’s or Audio Cassettes that can educate and empower you to live a free and just life, with or without the aid of an attorney.

We are listing these attorneys in this directory as soon as we have identified them. As soon we can find out more details about the attorney, their background, area of expertise and their picture we will add that information to this directory. To get in touch with the attorneys that you believe might be able to assist you, just call Freedom Law School from 11 AM till 11 PM, Pacific Time at (813) 444-4800.


Dr. Oscar Stilley.
You might remember Dr. Oscar Stilley.  Back in 2005 he won a dismissal in the IRS’s willful failure to file case against Illinois resident and past Joy Foundation principal Robert Lawrence.  Earlier, Federal Judge Joe Brown had jailed Lawrence for contempt of court when Lawrence failed to show up at a scheduled hearing.  Because of Lawrence’s participation in the Joy Foundation efforts to create a vast array of non-filers, the IRS and DOJ seemed bound and determined to get him thrown in prison as a lesson to “tax protesters.”  Dr. Stilley engineered a sad disappointment for them, to the glee of thousands of anti-unapportioned-direct-tax activist on-lookers, including We The People Foundation’s founder Robert Schulz.

According to Oscar his value comes principally from being able to help people on federal or state income tax issues.   There the learning curve is small and the stakes are often high.   Plus, it is much more difficult to find a local lawyer who actually has expertise in dealing with the legal issues on tax cases that in some way challenge the fundamentals of the income tax.



Tom Cryer.
A Constitutional Attorney who personally beat the IRS in court: A unanimous jury of 12 citizens on July 11, 2007 found Tom Cryer not guilty of “willful failure” to file income tax return charges. Learn why the IRS failed to show the jury the law that requires Americans to file and pay an income tax.



Robert Aldrich from Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Robert was a paralegal of attorney Jeffery Dickstein. Since Dickstein handled a lot of criminal tax cases and Robert was his paralegal, Robert’s strength is in the criminal tax defense arena. Robert is a very conscientious attorney who puts his client’s interests first. If you are in the Oklahoma area, Rob is your man. He is a single man who works around the clock for freedom and justice.



Larry BeCraft from Huntsville, Alabama.
With over 20 years in the Freedom Movement, no other freedom attorney has litigated as many cases as Larry for the cause of Freedom. Larry has even taken issues that he knew the judges would sanction him for and did it any way. He believed that the judges needed to address the issue. Judges have sanctioned him for his assertive advocacy for his clients. Larry has extensive experience in the Federal Income Tax area in both Criminal and Civil (money related) areas. He leads the Wallace Institute and their fine Freedom Litigation work.



Robert Burnhoff from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Robert was a paralegal of attorney Larry Becraft for many years who decided to personally represent people rather than go through another attorney. That in itself makes Robert a competent attorney. Robert has gotten busy very quickly since he became an attorney a few years ago. Currently he handles a fair amount of civil (money related) tax cases and has been working closely with our graduate, Joe Banister, the former IRS Special Agent who quit his cushy $80K per year job in order to expose the fraud of the Federal Income Tax.



John Cogorno from Westminster (Orange County), California.
John was at one time the President of the Orange County Bar Association, but got tired of the politics and games in which the BAR was involved. Instead of playing political games, John decided to focus his efforts on defending his clients as best as he could. John is one of the most talented asset forfeiture attorneys in America. An able civil rights lawyer who knows when and how to sue government officials who violate your rights. John is a multi-faceted trial lawyer with over 20 years of experience in his field.



Bill Cohan from San Diego, California.
I have heard from a trusted freedom paralegal/freedom fighter that Cohan is the best freedom/anti-IRS lawyer alive. Bill, with over 15 years of freedom/tax experience is not only intelligent and full of energy, but he has a deep voice that projects well. I have been told he knows how to handle the judge well enough to have the judge eating right out of his hand. I have heard good things about Cohan from other sources too. Criminal tax defense and battling the IRS in other ways including suing the IRS for violation of the law are some of Bill’s favorite freedom areas.



Guy Curtis from Imperial, Nebraskaa.
Guy has been writing “opinion letters” about the Federal Income Tax’s questionable legal nature for over 15 years. Guy’s practice of law is primarily in areas other than the IRS. He is easy to work with. Unfortunately he is far from any population center in America. If you are close to him he is one good lawyer for you to call on.



John DeCamp from Lincoln, Nebraska.
John was a Nebraska State Senator who found that CIA sponsored groups were involved in the kidnapping of American children to use in their torture/mind control experiments when he came across the Johnny Gosch case. John had the State Senate investigate these crimes. However the Senate’s chief investigator died suddenly and silently along with 19 others linked to the investigation. John later authored the Franklin Cover-up to expose this criminality of our government institutions and ran for governorship of Nebraska and almost won, despite the controlled media’s opposition to him. John is a living American hero and a competent and courageous freedom/constitutional lawyer..



Jay DeClue from Tustin (Orange County), California.
Peymon, the President of Freedom Law School met Jay in the early 1990’s while interpreting Persian language for the courts in his spare time. Jay was a blonde, blue eyed white man who interpreted Spanish in the Orange County Courts, a unique combination indeed. Jay was finishing his law degree and is a member of the John Birch Society whose goal is to expose the New World Order. Jay has since become a talented criminal defense attorney, since that is all that he likes to handle.



Clay Conrad from Houston, Texas.
Clay is on the Board of Directors of the Fully Informed Jury Association Clay has written a fabulous new book on the development of jury nullification (jury’s power to veto or ignore bad laws) called “Jury Nullification: Evolution of a Doctrine.” Clay’s specialty is defending drug cases. Clay is very good at what he does. Just do not ask him to do non-filer cases since he is not interested in getting involved in this area of law.



Jeffery Dickstein from Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Some say that Jeffery has done more criminal tax defense work for non-filers than any other freedom attorney alive. It must be true. No other attorney has been harassed by the judges and the BAR more than Jeffery. Jeffery went balls to the wall for his clients and was excellent at questioning and shredding the credibility of the IRS agents. After a while judges around the country refused to let him defend non-filer criminal tax defenders. Unfortunately since Jeffery was harassed so much, and gave his own blood to help his clients, he has not done much in recent years. He works closely with the great freedom fighter/paralegal pioneer Vern Holland.



Paul Grant from Parker, Colorado.
Paul is the courageous libertarian attorney who represented Lura Kriho in the late 1990s. Laura was the juror who was attacked by a crooked Colorado judge and District Attorney for voting not guilty and resulting in a hung jury on a drug case. Paul’s brilliant and well-prepared work got Laura’s conviction reversed on appeal. Paul has a varied court experience and has a talent for doing justice oriented cases, even though his own pocket book and interests dictate otherwise.



David Grossack from Hull (Boston area), Massachusets.
David is a constitutional lawyer who has done various civil litigation and some criminal cases, but not tax cases, until recently. David is very knowledgeable on suing government officials who violate your rights. Libel and slander suits are other areas where David excels. David is so down to earth and committed to freedom and justice that for years he was trying to hold seminars and classes for the regular people; Teaching them how to defend themselves and do their own legal work with minimal help from an attorney. He has put out several good “how to do” booklets for the average person’s use.



Joe Izen from Bellaire (Houston area) Texas.
Joe has been doing tax and estate planning work for over 15 years. Joe has been successful in defending trust arrangements in Federal Courts from IRS attacks (the one’s that were “defendable”.) Joe has also stopped IRS Summons in Federal Courts when his clients have properly asserted the 5th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which protects us from having to give information to the IRS that can be used against us. Joe is an admirable and talkative attorney who has a deep passion for freedom and justice.



Nancy Lord Johnson, M.D. from Pahrump, Nevada.
Former Libertarian party Vice Presidential candidate who is one of those rare people who goes through all the grueling years of becoming a doctor, does not find this torture bad enough and then decides to become a lawyer as well. Nancy is on the board of directors of the Fully Informed Jury Association Nancy has a varied line of experience in defending people who have come under attack from the government for various injustice reasons. Nancy is a super cautious person who does not like non-filer tax cases.



Mark Lane from Washington, D.C.
Famous lawyer who has worked a lot with the former Spotlight magazine and now with the American Free Press We want to get to know Mark more in the near future, since he is so highly recommended by the American Free Press staff.



Don (Mac) MacPherson from Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California.
Don is a Vietnam Veteran who has learned to apply the same commando warfare tactics that he learned in Vietnam in the courtroom. Don has been in the freedom/tax arena for over 20 years. He is a pioneer in the field of Bankrupting Income taxes; when very few others knew that such a thing was even possible. Don has chosen to get away from handling bankruptcy cases and to work in other areas in the tax arena, especially in the criminal tax cases where he has extensive experience. Don spends most of his time in his Phoenix office, but also spends part of the year in his San Diego office.



Michael Minns from Houston Texas.
Michael is a calm and collected attorney who has defended individuals in criminal tax cases. Peymon and Michael met at the Fully Informed Jury Association Convention in 1998. Peymon was impressed with his deep passion for justice. Michael is a strong believer in a jury’s right to judge the law and facts. Although Michael’s practice is generally in non-tax areas, his deep passion for justice has him handling various freedom/justice issues that he comes across from time to time. Michael has handled criminal tax cases before.



Ben Ramos from Sacramento, California.
Ben has not done that much work in the area of freedom law, however freedom runs in his family line. He is a strong advocate of people’s rights and is interested in taking on freedom justice issues that are worthy of litigation. The fact that he is located in the Capital of California makes him an ideal candidate for those of you who are battling the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) or other California State agencies since they are all headquartered in Sacramento they have no excuse for not showing up to court to expose their underhanded and criminal activities to the jury of your peers.



Derek Tabone from Van Nuys (Los Angeles Area), California.
Derek is primarily an insurance, car accident, workers compensation and real estate attorney who has had extensive trial experience. Derek is the lawyer of Paul Ballmer, our graduate who in 2001 won and collected a $337,000 jury verdict over the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) for violation of his rights. Derek did a commendable job preparing and working with Paul in winning Paul’s case. Paul was an ideal student and Derek was an ideal attorney. Derek has represented California Criminal tax cases and is committed to justice. Derek is a top-notch trial attorney.



Sheldon (Shelly) Waxman
Shelly is the author of “In the Teeth of the Wind–A Study of Power and How to Fight It,” he came highly recommended by R.J. Tavel a non-practicing freedom oriented attorney friend of ours in Indiana. When we find out more about Shelly, we’ll tell you more about him.



Gary Zerman from Valencia (Los Angeles area), California.
Gary is a civil trial attorney. An extremely dedicated and principled attorney who has seen judicial corruption and criminality first hand. This deep level of criminality in the judicial system led Gary to becoming involved in JAIL 4 JUDGES group as their chief lawyer and activist a few years ago. Gary is one of the few lawyers who will sue other lawyers for destroying their own clients. If you want a committed civil attorney, Gary is an excellent choice.


Peymon Mottahedeh
President – Freedom Law School
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