FLS Student IRS Victories

Many freedom oriented organizations claim to beat the IRS, State Tax Agencies or the police abuse of power. When you ask these organizations or individuals to PROVE their claim, most often they come up empty handed.

Well, at Freedom Law School, we back up ALL of our claims with PROOF! And we challenge all Freedom organizations to do so. The pages that follow are ACTUAL CASES OF REAL PEOPLE that with our assistance or representation have been able to be the “David” that beat the “Goliath” of big powerful government agencies.

This should prove to everyone that “you CAN beat the City Hall”, “you CAN beat the IRS” and “you CAN beat the FTB.” By knowing your rights and proper legal procedures, you CAN live your life in FREEDOM! WE have many more victories that we have not reproduced here.

(Requires Adobe Acrobat, download free version at www.acrobat.com)