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For those of you who have shown your commitment to personal freedom, who are considering buying the TOTAL FREEDOM PACKAGE and wish to have a complete and well-rounded education, we recommend that you also consider the COMPLETE FREEDOM PACKAGE. The CFP SUPPLEMENT is the remaining set of books, videotapes, and audiotapes published by others, which we have collected into a single package. This package supplements the TOTAL FREEDOM PACKAGE in the same way as the 8 various books, audiotapes, and videotapes that are separate supplements to the LEVEL 1 COURSE. This library of research material, essays, and instructional manuals will provide you with the complete education a serious freedom lover like you demands. It adds further depth and understanding to the information in the TFP.

The TOTAL FREEDOM PACKAGE regularly $2000 plus the CFP SUPPLEMENT (at a savings of $111) regularly $ 711 is your COMPLETE FREEDOM PACKAGE for only $2600 plus $80 shipping and handling.

Although the retail value of the CFP SUPPLEMENT is $710, the actual price of the CFP SUPPLEMENT is only $600. The contents of the CFP SUPPLEMENT may be improved or upgraded as we come across better books, audiotapes, videotapes, or other materials to replace or add to the CFP SUPPLEMENT. Many hours of research and preparation went into compiling this unique and powerful package, which you will enjoy for a lifetime as an essential part of your own personal freedom library. Enjoy it! (This list and prices are current from 9/13/00 to 12/31/06).


  1. THE LAW By Fredrick Bastiat Explains the proper role and purpose of law and government. FREE
  2. THE LYSANDER SPOONER READER Best collection of this freedom genius, most influential works $30
  3. USING THE LAW LIBRARY By HALT Know how to verify the truth and find the text of any law for yourself. $15
  4. ILLEGALITY OF THE INCOME TAX EXPOSED (DVD) A debate as shown live on National TV (C-SPAN) $5
  5. INVESTIGATING THE FEDERAL INCOME TAX By Joseph R. Banister Former IRS CID Agent $30
  6. THE JOE BANISTER STORY (DVD) See why Banister quit his $80K fast rising career at the IRS. $5
  7. THE JOE BANISTER STORY (CD) Audio CD of the video above. FREE
  8. INCOME TAX BASICS By Free Enterprise Society 2 audio CDs and 1 booklet; a great explanation of income tax fraud. $18
  9. COURT PROCEDURES SEMINAR By Free Enterprise Society 2 audiotapes and 1 booklet. Excellent! $18
  10. NO CHECKS (CD-ROM) The only book on getting yourself out of the banking system. $10
  11. AMERICAN FREEDOM TO FASCISM By Aaron Russo Compelling and troubling account of how the wealth of our nation was silently passed from its citizens to a handful of powerful bankers in 1913. $25
  12. THE LAW THAT NEVER WAS, VOLUME 1 By Bill Benson and Red Beckman Exposes the non-ratification of the 16th Amendment. $35
  13. THE GREAT INCOME TAX HOAX By Irwin Schiff The most comprehensive explanation of the Income Tax. $30
  14. HARRY’S WAR (DVD) The suppressed 1970s anti-IRS Hollywood production. Fun and dramatic. $20
  15. THE BIGGEST CON: HOW THE GOVERNMENT IS FLEECING YOU Irwin Schiff’s first book, published in April, 1976, yet everyone agrees that this book is more contemporary today than ever. With irrefutable evidence and driving logic, Mr. Schiff shows how, when and why the Federal government: causes inflation, steals more from the public in a week than the Mafia does in a year, and legislates unemployment, poverty and crime, and much much more! This book should be found in every public and school library in America! $18
  16. THE KINGDOM OF MOLTZ As the leaders of the kingdom of Moltz seek ways to solve its financial problems, they discuss the relationship of inflation, taxation, and money. $10
  17. THE MONEY MASTERS (DVD) This 3.5 hour, non-fiction, historical documentary explains how banks create the world’s money. The Federal Grand Jurors Handbook $25
  18. POLITICAL HISTORY OF JURY NULLIFICATION By Godfrey Lehman The history of jury veto power. $5
  19. THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND (DVD) The complete history of the robbing & enslavement of America by Banksters. $25
  20. THE COMING BATTLE The lost 1899 recount of enslavement and robbing of America by Banksters $30
  21. HOW TO SUE AND FIRE IRS AGENTS Use the IRS’s own defense manual against them! $20
  22. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JUSTICE ? “Maybury challenges the reader to explore the inextricable connections between law and economics, and between economic and political liberty. I can think of no more important subject, and I highly recommend this lucid and thoughtful volume.” –William E. Simon, former U.S. Treasury Secretary $25
  23. FREEDOM LAW SCHOOL T-SHIRT The pointed gun & Statue of Liberty on opposite sides. Fun to wear around. $15
  24. 1 HOUR OF ONE-ON-ONE CONSULTATION One-on-one with the president of Freedom Law School, Peymon. $240

** This course and all courses and books of Freedom Law School come with a 90 day 100% unconditional Money Back Guarantee only if you own our Level 1 course.

If, within 90 days, you are not totally satisfied that the courses of Freedom Law School are worth it, you may return the Course/Book back to us in Clean/Re-Saleable condition and your money will be cheerfully refunded. Thank you for giving Freedom Law School the opportunity to assist you in regaining your freedom.

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