Freedom Law Dream Team

Freedom Law School has identified and coordinated the most knowledgeable, experienced and successful freedom law experts in America to assist you in living free of oppressive taxation and control now. Unless otherwise noted, these freedom law experts are independent of Freedom Law School. Each of these experts are experienced and have had success in handling the IRS or other oppressive governmental agencies and are multi-talented in various areas of freedom. However, they each have become specialists in certain areas of freedom law.

We have selected them the same way you would pick the DREAM TEAM of any professional sports team. You would pick the best players of the best teams. That is exactly what we have done. These experts are the ones we refer the actual freedom work that is needed to protect your rights and freedom. Whether you get our SIMPLE FREEDOM PACKAGE or our ROYAL FREEDOM PACKAGE, you know that you have top-notch experts behind you to support or represent your interests against tyrants and oppressors such as the IRS, FTB’s and other state DOR’s unlawful and invasive actions.

Most often you do NOT need an attorney when you are trying to beat back the tyrants. A DREAM TEAM member can help you without an attorney since most often you do NOT need to go to court to argue before a judge about your problem. However, if a situation comes up that you need to go to court and are not well versed in law, we recommend that you have your attorney work with our DREAM TEAM member to protect you and your rights. If you do not have or know of an honest, competent and freedom loving attorney, we suggest that you take a look at our BEST FREEDOM/CONSTITUTIONAL ATTORNEYS section to help you find an attorney appropriate for your kind of case.

DREAM TEAM members usually know MORE about their specialty freedom law issue than attorneys anyway. The following is a PARTIAL list. Some of the DREAM TEAM MEMBERS prefer to do their good work without any publicity and some choose to not have their picture or full name listed. This list is always growing, even if it is not reflected on this page.

1) Peymon Mottahedeh, President of Freedom Law School, started in the Freedom Law Movement in 1992.

Peymon arranges that each person who obtains the SIMPLE FREEDOM PACKAGE or the ROYAL FREEDOM PACKAGE is getting the program that meets each person’s particular situation. Peymon also provides one-on-one consultation to people who are having immediate problems with the IRS and other out of control government agencies to determine which one of our courses or which DREAM TEAM member can best assist you. Peymon usually does this all within 1 hour of your personal interview with him. Handling California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) has become Peymon’s specialty since very few others even attempt to handle this government agency because it is more lawless and arbitrary than the IRS.


2) Paul Ballmer started in the Freedom Law Movement in 1984.

Paul, a graduate of Freedom Law School, won and collected a $337,000 jury judgment over the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB). Currently Paul, Peymon and 13 other individuals are suing the California Franchise Tax Board in several multiple plaintiff lawsuits. If you get any type of letters from the FTB, call us, talk with Peymon and if appropriate, Peymon will have Paul get involved in your case too. Paul can assist you in setting your case up for a successful lawsuit against the FTB. Check out Paul’s latest FTB victories.


3) Dave Wellington started in the Freedom Law Movement in 1981.

Mr. Wellington is an expert on getting back property that the IRS or other outlaw government agencies have illegally stolen. In addition, Mr. Wellington is great at going after the third parties, like employers, towing companies and police, that help the IRS and other crooked government agencies steal your property. Civil Rights lawsuit, RICO and any and all lawsuits for wrongs done by crooked government agents is where Dave excels. Freedom Law School is fortunate to have had Mr. Wellington’s invaluable advice and assistance since 1996 when Freedom Law School was founded.



4) Shawn O’Connor – Founder and Director of Free Enterprise Society Services

Bio coming soon!

In Memoriam – Dr. Robert Clarkson started in the Freedom Law Movement in 1976 when he was a practicing attorney. Dr. Clarkson passed away March 10, 2010. In rememberance and honor of Dr. Clarkson’s great contribution to the cause of freedom, Freedom Law School will keep his description on our website. Dr. Clarkson’s unwaivering pursuit of truth and justice will be hard to rival in the future; Freedom Law School will work hard to keep the memory of Dr. Clarkson’s legacy in tact. Dr. Clarkson was one of the most kind-hearted and generous men. Dr. Clarkson’s spirit of exposing the truth and love of humanity will remain a guiding force behind Freedom Law School’s mission.

Dr. Clarkson is a foremost expert on beating all kinds of IRS summons (first and third party), as well as bankruptcy, offers in compromise and payment plans, and minimizing collection damage of IRS tax collections as a last resort strategy. Clarkson is a Vietnam War veteran who became an attorney, but gave up his BAR (attorney) license voluntarily so that he can be free of the restrictions that go with being an attorney. Besides Peymon, Clarkson is the only one of our DREAM TEAM members who, in addition to being well-versed in law and legal procedure, is also an organizer and marketer.


There are more paralegals, former IRS agents, attorneys and other experts that we refer people to but do not wish to be listed due to their privacy concerns.


Peymon Mottahedeh
President – Freedom Law School
(813) 444-4800 |

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