Freedom Opportunity Plan

Here is how you can qualify for the FREEDOM OPPORTUNITY and reach YOUR financial prosperity and independence:


Step one: Become a FREEDOM FIGHTER IN TRAINING. Educate yourself to free yourself from IRS attacks by getting your own BEGINNERS FREEDOM PACKAGE (BFP) ($900). Introduce 2 people who get the SIMPLE FREEDOM PACKAGE (SFP) or the Royal Freedom Package (RFP) to upgrade yourself to the SFP, or introduce 3 of your friends to the SPF or RPF to get your own RFP. You may skip to step two by getting either the SFP ($4,000 first year) or the RFP ($6,000 first year.) If you cannot afford to start with the BFP, all you need to do is refer just one person who gets the RFP or SFP and you will earn your BFP with this one referral.

Step two: Introduce 4 people to your manager to get either the Royal or the Simple Freedom Package. Most people choose the Royal over Simple Freedom package. On your first 2 sales you will earn 10% commission ($600). On the next 2 sales, you will receive 25% commissions ($1,500). You can skip step one by getting your own RFP or SFP first.

Step three: Now you are a FREEDOM FIGHTER and will receive 50% commission for sale of either SIMPLE FREEDOM PACKAGE ($4,000 x 50% = $2,000) or ROYAL FREEDOM PACKAGE ($6,000 x 50% = $3,000.) At 1 RFP per month you will make $3,000 per month, part time. A great start, isn’t it? Now you are ready to make big strides to bring financial independence to your family.

Schedule FREEDOM OPPORTUNITY MEETINGS (FOM) at your home from 7:30 PM until 9:30 PM during weekdays or anytime during the weekends. After a brief 5-minute introduction of yourself and the FREEDOM OPPORTUNITY, introduce Joe Banister and show the Joe Banister DVD. Let Banister educate them with the truth about the Income Tax fraud of the IRS. Close in 5 minutes after the Joe Banister DVD. Offer your guests the opportunity to purchase more educational material from you.

Show them the USA TODAY AD which quotes a White House official as stating: “legality of the Income Tax is not a high priority item” and they do not wish to “participate in any future conferences on the subject.” You may also lend them the Joe Banister DVD or audio CD to watch at home or listen in their car. Follow up with them and many of them will naturally choose freedom over slavery and purchase the BFP, SFP or the RFP.

You could easily make a great extra part-time income by referring one RFP per month and make $3,000 per month. You could make terrific full-time income by referring one RFP per week and earn $13,000 per month!!! All of this is with No Employer, No 1099 or W-2 hassles, No Slave Surveillance Numbers SSN) to give out or a boss to put up with. Moreover, YOU GET PAID FIRST, CASH! YOU receive the funds, KEEP YOUR SHARE & then send Freedom Law School our share. At management levels, you will start receiving management overrides for the production of your group. That can add up to tens of thousands or more per month for promoting and restoring freedom! A win/win for everyone!!!

This is a genuine GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY. DON’T MISS IT! To start it all, you want to GET YOUR OWN BFP, SFP or RFP and become a FREEDOM FIGHTER first, so YOU can be on your way to PERSONAL FREEDOM, FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE and PROSPERITY NOW!

Read, complete, sign and return the application for the BFP, SFP or the RFP and return it with the $900, $4,000 or $6,000 CASH by certified or registered mail to Freedom Law School.


Peymon Mottahedeh
President – Freedom Law School
(813) 444-4800 |

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