Giving Out Too Much Information to the IRS Can Result to More Tax, Penalties, and Interest From You

Find Out How You Can Beat IRS Summons While Maintaining Your Privacy

One of the most common problems that people encounter when dealing with an IRS summons is giving TOO MUCH information. This is never good because if too much information is given to the IRS, the IRS can use that information to impose more tax, penalties, and interest from you. In some cases, the IRS can proceed with jail time.
So How Can You Beat the IRS Without Giving Too Much Information?
The answer is simple, make use of the 5th Amendment to the US Constitution. Basically, the 5th Amendment tells us that in no way can be we forced to answer or say anything which can be used against us.
This is relatively the easiest and simplest method of winning IRS Summons and if done properly will work every time.
Now that you are aware of this, are you now safe from IRS summons? Definitely NOT.
It is a shame that so many Americans know enough of the truth to understand it, but they do not know well enough to keep themselves out of jail. Just because you use the 5th Amendment to object all questions that come your way doesn’t mean that you can get away with it every time. In fact, this can do the opposite and send you straight to jail if not used correctly.
This is where we come in. We know how to make use of the 5th Amendment properly and we can teach you everything you need to beat the IRS every time. We are just getting started, there are many other ways of winning IRS Summons without losing your privacy and without giving the IRS any information to use against you, just the same as there is more than one way to skin a cat. 
Why Listen to Us?
We like to let experience and achievements do the talking. We have been at this for 15 successful years and we know what it takes to beat IRS summons. 
Check out our own victory over the IRS where we stopped the IRS in a summons for our records. We can and will stand up to them!
Others just can’t compare to what we have been able to achieve for the last 15 years. Here’s Why:
  • Flat out wrong information is given!
    • Mis-educated Freedom Organizations don’t teach people how to properly handle the IRS in a summons
    • They fail to share important information on what to say and NOT say
    • Even tax attorneys, CPAs and enrolled agents don’t know how to truly defend you
    • All they try to do is Band-Aid the problem because they’re afraid if they show you how to stand up to the IRS, they too will be audited or investigated by the IRS. They are afraid!
Get Help Now and Educate Yourself 
Even though the 5th Amendment approach is a relatively easy and simple approach, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO UTILIZE THIS APPROACH AND ALL OTHER APPROACHES WITHOUT COMPETENT AND EXPERIENCED ASSISTANCE. As reading and hearing the transcripts of the Snyder and Ericson Summons show, the IRS agents tend to be manipulative, overbearing, intimidating, sly or conniving. They will attempt to confuse you and get you off point.
In these kinds of situations it literally pays to spend a little to get COMPETENT AND EXPERIENCED ASSISTANCE, than to try to do it solo, make a mistake and hire the same help at twice the cost to dig you out of the hole you just dug yourself.
We can provide you with everything you need to dig you out of the hole or to prevent you from ever being in one. Freedom Law School will stand up to the IRS, and we’ll give you the right information to stop the IRS from harassing you, and halt a summons. 
Call Freedom Law School at (813) 444-4800 if you have an existing summons or if the IRS has started to send you harassing letters. We are not afraid to stand up to the IRS!


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