IRS Special Agent finds Federal Income Tax a HUGE FRAUD!

Joseph R. Banister was a fast-rising Special Agent with the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the IRS in San Jose, California. Mr. Banister’s job was to investigate individuals who were suspected of violating the criminal tax laws of the U.S. Government and to recommend the prosecution of the apparently guilty individuals.

In 1997, Mr. Banister, with the help of Freedom Law School and other freedom-minded individuals, started a close examination of the lawful authority and nature of the Federal Income Tax. After spending over a year of in-depth research, Mr. Banister concluded that there is NO LAW that requires the average American to file an income tax confession (return) or to pay an income tax.

Mr. Banister, concerned about what he had found, wrote a 90-page report* of his findings and conclusions regarding the Federal Income Tax. In January of 1999, Mr. Banister submitted his report to his superiors for their review and presented the report to upper levels of the IRS, including, the Commissioner Charles O. Rosotti. In his report, Mr. Banister asked the IRS to refute his conclusion that there is NO LAW that requires the average American to file a return and pay income tax.

The IRS is reported to have the largest and most knowledgeable team of tax attorneys in the world. They are required to enforce the tax laws of the United States consistent with the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America. However, the IRS REFUSED to address Mr. Banister’s Report or refute any of the legal conclusions contained in Banister’s Report!

Mr. Banister, a man of high character, could not in good conscience continue his enforcement of non-existent laws. With NO answers from his superiors, Mr. Banister resigned from his prestigious $76,000 a year job to expose the fraud of the income tax to the American People.

We The People Foundation,, sponsored several symposiums to have the legality of the income tax debated between Mr. Banister, the IRS, and other government officials. On only one occasion did the IRS and the Department of Justice agree to meet with Mr. Banister and other tax experts for debate. However, the government officials backed out at the last minute. On several other occasions, the government didn’t even respond to the invitation, much less appear at the scheduled debates. This did not stop Mr. Banister and other tax honesty experts from meeting and discussing this very important topic. C-Span2 carried the July 1999 debate live on the national C-Span network, even though no government officials showed up! Watch this debate for free on Google Video.

We The People Foundation placed several full page advertisements* in the USA Today and other national publications introducing Mr. Banister and his message to the American People, as well as challenging the Federal Government to disprove Mr. Banister’s conclusions about Income Tax fraud by the IRS. Neither the IRS, the U.S. Department of Justice, nor any member of United States Congress has responded with any conclusive, hard evidence to contradict Mr. Banister or We The People Foundation. See the DVD ‘America Freedom To Fascism” at for more on We The People Foundation.

Don’t you think your public servants have a duty to respond and explain once and for all the legality of imposing an income tax on you and all other Americans? We certainly do!

Contact Freedom Law School for information on obtaining copies of Mr. Banister’s report on the Federal Income Tax ($35), or recordings of his speech on audio-tape or CD (free) or DVD ($5) and full-page reprints of the U.S.A. Today national advertisements (free). Alternatively, you may watch his speech on Google Video.

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