IRS, the Wizard of OZ


Commissioner Douglas Shulman Internal Revenue Service

Douglas Shulman became the 47th Commissioner of Internal Revenue on March 24, 2008. He presides over the nation’s tax administration system, which collects approximately $2.4 trillion in tax revenue that funds most government operations and public services. He manages an agency of over 100,000 employees and a budget of approximately $11 billion

The above text was taken from the IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman on IRS’s website

  • For every $1,000 that the IRS collects, they only spend about $5!! That is only half of one percent!!! All due to Voluntary Compliance “Slavery”, compliments of the Government School (Fool) System and addiction to Banker Controlled TV/Media. The IRS does NOT have unlimited resources.

The IRS is a Wizard of Oz who relies heavily on BLUFF!!!

  • In 1996, the IRS estimated that there were 63 million non-filers. Today’s estimates are over 70 million! However, only about 132 million 1040 Individual Income Tax Confession Forms are filed every year.

This means: For every two filers, one person does not file a 1040 Income Tax Confession Form. The Bottom line is: The IRS does NOT have enough money to go after everyone, filer or non-filer!

  • 1040 Tax Form Filers are audited and raped by the IRS far more than the non-filers. Filers are 8 times more likely to go to jail than non-filers & face 5 times longer jail sentences. Filers put the burden of proof on themselves by swearing that ALL the information on the 1040 Confession Form is true, correct & complete! Filers make the IRS’ job of thievery too easy by telling the IRS their exact income & assets!!

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