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As many of you know, the banks in the US own the major politicians and major media. Better said, we have a government by the banks, by bank agents, for the benefit of the banks! To add, the media, the so called “Watchdogs of Truth” are also owned by these banksters, so we never hear the real news of the fraud being perpetrated to the American Public. One thing the media never tells us about is the bank created money (not government created!). The banks hold all the power to create money out of thin air!

Think of it this way: when you bought a home during the alleged “Economic Boom” from 2000-2006, and bought a home at say $330,000, you assumed the bank lent you that money…nothing could be further from the truth.

The Federal Reserve Banker’s Cartel allows the banks to have only a fraction of the total amount in their possession. Of the $300,000 the bank “lent” you, the bank may realistically only have $30,000 of it on hand; the rest is created out of thin air!

Although you may have become a proud homeowner, collectively, you unknowingly facilitated this mass counterfeiting operation perpetuated by the banks, which reduces the power of our wages, commissions, and income of all sorts for all of us.

The banks used to hang onto these “loans”, but over the last few decades, in order to make even more money, these loans were packaged into bundles. For example, the average home loan is $200,000. Of this amount, the bank would take $1,000 and bundle it with many others to make a total, say, $200,000,000. The banks then moved to sell these parts of the bundle to insurance companies, governments, pension funds, and other rich people.

Now each of these new “owners” of these packages of loans owns a small piece of every home loan in this package. The right to ask for and collect the monthly mortgage payment was handled now by the bank’s subsidiary for payment to the “owner” or the “noteholder” of these loans, who you “owed” the monthly mortgage payments to. This “noteholder” is the one that holds the note that you signed which indicates you owe the “loan” to the bank and must pay it off by making monthly payments.

Since this scam worked so smoothly, with the cooperation of the bank’s buddy politicians in the Federal Government, the banks decided to up the ante and expand the scam. The banks now looked to scam the thousands of US counties who recorded the transfer of Notes in their offices.

State laws in almost all states require that every time the owner of the home mortgage loan note (Note) is changed, this change of ownership must be filed in the county recorder’s office (or clerk of the court) and you, the “borrower” must be notified of this change of ownership.

The banks obviously tried to side step this, and avoid paying recording fees. The banks then created a cooperative entity called “Mortgage Electronic Registration System” (M.E.R.S.), which holds the “nominal title” to the mortgage note that you signed in order to get your loan. In plain English, this means M.E.R.S. would hold the title to the Note as a nominee (or representative) of the actual Note owner or note holder.

Meanwhile, while the banks thieved billions of dollars off these bogus loans, they forgot something; the banks never safeguarded the ORIGINAL Note! Fortunately, with some smart people looking into this fraud, M.E.R.S. was now being challenged in court for not having a standing in court for lack of the original note.

Broken down, Where is the actual Note Holder? Moreover, without the Original of the Note, the note cannot be introduced in court, since a court of law requires original copies of documents in order to introduce them. Also ask yourself this: Why is the Note Holder’s identity not listed with the County Recorder’s office? Why didn’t the new Note Owner introduce himself to you, the borrower, in a letter as required by law?

It’s estimated that over half of all mortgage notes created from 2000-2006 are missing or destroyed! Ponder this thought:

No Note = No Obligation

Without an original note, there is no legal standing for you to pay a monthly mortgage.

It is because of all this increasing numbers of informed homeowners are able to stay in their homes without having paid a mortgage in one or two years. Furthermore, some of these homeowners will be able to get full title of their home by asserting their rights against the corrupt banks.

In light of this, Freedom Law School has decided to start two funds to help you save your home: “Stop Bank Mortgage Fraud” (SBMF), and the “Stop Bank Mortgage Fraud Express” (SBFME). These funds were created to expose and eradicate fraud created by the banks, and assist homeowners to free themselves from the chains of bank mortgage fraud.

I encourage you to go to and order Freedom Law School’s course titled “Stop Mortgage Fraud & Home Foreclosures” from our 2011 Freedom Conference. Call (813) 444-4800 for more information on how to save your home now! 

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