Sue and jail criminal government agents

By Vern Holland, President of Freeman Education Association & Peymon, President of Freedom Law School. In this audiotaped course you will learn:

  1. When and how you can sue a cop, IRS agent, a judge or other criminally corrupt government agents.
  2. How to write a winning complaint to start your lawsuit.
  3. How to go through each step of the court procedures to WIN & collect $$$.
  4. How to have the grand jury to go after criminal government agents.
  5. You will get step-by-step how-to-do instructions that have worked!

** This course and all courses and books of Freedom Law School come with a 90 day 100% unconditional Money Back Guarantee only if you own our Level 1 course.

If, within 90 days, you are not totally satisfied that the courses of Freedom Law School are worth it, you may return the Course/Book back to us in Clean/Re-Saleable condition and your money will be cheerfully refunded. Thank you for giving Freedom Law School the opportunity to assist you in regaining your freedom.

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President – Freedom Law School
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