What to do if the IRS or any Government official suddenly comes or knocks at your door

If the IRS ever comes to your door and wants to talk to you (or call you out of the blue), your answer should be: “Who is there?” After their answer identifying themselves, say:

“Sir, we do not appreciate uninvited visitors at OUR door (or calls out of the blue.) If you are truly with the government, and have some business with someone in this house, please put your request in writing and mail it to us. We will review your letter with our counsel and respond appropriately to your request. Thank you and have a nice day.”

Do NOT answer ANY QUESTIONS. You do not have to identify/verify your identity to them. HOLD YOUR GROUND!

Remember this: You have the right to demand that government officials put their request in WRITING before you respond to them. This allows you ample time to review it with COUNSEL, and with CERTAINTY of knowing what the government official wants from you, so that with the assistance of your counsel you may properly respond.

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